Historie ...

In 1974 an advance advice of 6 different prototypes appeared in the trader's catalogue.

Lesny / England has produced this line afterwards in Hong Kong.

In 1976 these six models were shown in the German collector's catalogue for the first time.

One more vehicle (Wing Thing) and one more playset (Commando Chalange) were available on the US market never available over here.

In 1977 the line was extended on 8 smaller and 1 big model as well as 1 play set. At this time the models exclusively produced for the American market were stopped.

New "athletic" figures were introduced between 1976 and 1977. Also the box design changed and one regular vehicle was replaced by another (same collector's number). So the "MC-3 Allterrain Vehicle" was no longer available with new figure and the "MC-3 Emergency Utility" no longer with old figure.

The catalogue in 1978 surprised with a big boat (OZEANA).

The Mobile Action Command were shown for the last time in 1979 / 80th catalogue. Some remaining figures were still sold in plastic bags but did not find any more mentions within the catalogues. As these series were particularly placed on the US market, there were a few more figures and vehicles called Action Jack. These were produced in a less quality in Hong Kong by a company unknown to me. The figures fully compatible with the matchbox originals had significantly more accessories. This clearly improved the play value of MAC series.